Having completed the ground floor, I next turned my attention to the attic.  Here I wanted to have a manager's office for James Anderson at the left, a workroom for Mme Eloise de Milo, the dressmaker, at the right, and a central general office.  I really enjoyed making this, using some furniture which I'd already acquired, but making the two desks and filing cabinets for the general office, the chairs from kits, and of course doing some surgery on the resin figures (please visit my Resin Surgery site for more details of this).  I also made the typewriting machine, which will feature as a How To article in the March 2005 issue of The Dolls' House Magazine.
Still to be made are shelves and a safe, to go along the back wall of the central office to the right of the door, and I need to put at least one painting on James' office wall.  I'm not sure what to put in Mme de Milo's room - perhaps some fashion drawings.
Next, I turned my attention to the first floor.  Some time previously I'd bought a chemists' shelf unit and counter, and decided that it should go here.  After trying it in various positions, I eventually settled for it to be against the side wall at the right.  Here is a photograph of the chemist's department, and then in situ.  I'm constantly adding stock, and will put an updated photograph on later.
At the opposite side of the central floor is the toy department.  I made the shelf unit and counter for this, deciding that cream paint would be more child friendly than dark wood stain.  Also, I allowed the shop assistant to wear pink, rather than the customary black dress.  Again, here is the counter itself, and then in position with people.  I made a lot of the toys from instructions given in Jane Harrop's book.  I love the little girl in blue, getting as close as she can to the gollywog on the counter.
I'm still not quite certain how I'll arrange the central part of this floor, as there is so much I want to fit in, but so little space.  I'd been collecting and making luggage;  some miniature Greek pots I brought back with me from Crete;  a perfume display counter;  jewellery;  and a gentlemen's counter.

At the moment I'm just moving things around to see how they fit, but as soon as I do anything definite I'll add a photograph of it here.  Do please check back later.